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lattehan whispered: So I we were in China then you would have to pay right? {' he tilts his head.} It's just ice cream right? I'll treat this time.

If I were to go there, which is basically and probably will happen after a gazillion years because one, I don’t have money and two, I don’t know how to speak Chinese. {` he purses his lips while sticking his tongue out at the corner of it, heaving off a small laugh. }

Baekhyun’s so handsome ಥ_ಥ


(—He looked toward the other with a blank expression.) Mister who do you think you are—

A hungry man who’s currently eating a sandwich, how about you, beautiful? [` he sends hims a grin, taking another bite of the said food. ]

没有人陪你走一辈子所以你要适应孤独。 没有人会帮你一辈子所以你要一直奋斗。

No one will accompany you for a lifetime, so you should learn how to adapt to loneliness. 
No one will help you forever, so you should always strive on your own.

chorvng whispered: 'Angst Angst Angst!'
My muse is terminally ill, 
and staggers to yours in their dying moments.
Your muse doesn’t know.

Stumbling down is what he finds himself doing after getting out of the hospital a few days prior to being sick. Chanyeol didn’t know anything about that disease that soon will consume his body and make him feel numb so before it gets the chance to do so, he wants to spend his little time over the person who means so much to him, even though she doesn’t know about it. Chorong, her name is, and he constantly kept bickering with her through out the days that he found her sitting on his work, eating a cookie in hand with a frown on her face. All he did was to erase and cease her tangled brows because it didn’t suit her, she’s beautiful and Chanyeol wishes that he’s courageous enough to tell her that.

"Hey." he plainly says as he steadily pushes himself inside Chorong’s house, he doesn’t really want to bother her, but he has to do it. The doctor told him that he doesn’t have a lot of time left and he didn’t want to leave her, but if time doesn’t permit him from doing so, he will make time wait for it, until he’s in her arms before he close his eyes permanently. How can he possibly leave her without telling her how her eyes shine perfectly under the moonlight, and how can he leave her without properly holding her hand without sweating too much because of how nervous he is? How can he possibly let go of the things that he finds himself reminiscing once in a while, wanting to remember how perfect her hair falls down to the length of her arm and how her lips curl to that lovely smile whenever she thinks he wasn’t looking at her. How can Chanyeol let go of the person who made him feel like he’s worth something, how can Chanyeol possibly let go of Chorong.

Chanyeol slides his hand on hers, his long, dainty fingers lacing with her small ones and there he could feel the fastened beat of his heart and he suddenly feels suffocated. He doesn’t know if he feels lucky to be with her that moment, he wishes he could stop the time and finally be in her arms but he knows that he couldn’t do it, besides, who was he to do it when he doesn’t even know if she likes him how like how he does. Maybe forever isn’t enough to convey those hidden feelings that Chanyeol has to keep for himself.

Forever isn’t enough for him to let her know that she’s someone who he is willing to risk his life and heart to, if she give him a chance. He wants to do it, he wants to hold her in his arms but he’s afraid that he might just have his close his eyes as soon as he does because now that he thinks of it, the disease is slowly consuming him that moment. The tighten of his veins, the slow pump of his arteries and the weak curl of his lips to show her a genuine smile made him think that he will never last too long.

He knows its the best, Chanyeol will never be good for her anyway, but he wants her to feel that she’s important, which is why he is there. He pushes himself down on her lap and takes her arm to wrap around his waist, he lets his eyes linger on hers for a moment and he never wanted her to speak, even though he knows she’s starting to squirm and will burst out soon enough.

The press of their lips is the next thing that happened, with Chanyeol’s hand on her nape to pull her down to him, it’s just a simple peck because he never wanted her to be forced into something that she doesn’t like, but he feels it, right there and then, his eyelids fall slowly, he wants to speak but when he parts his lips open he couldn’t say anything. He could only see that faint silhouette that her figure has until he falls into a deep unconscious state.

'I wish I could have told you how beautifully styled your hair is today and even though you're a little shrimp, you're my little shrimp and there's no one who can take your place. I'm sorry, Chorong. I'm sorry that I have to leave you so soon when we almost knew what love is.'

At day you become the Sun.

cool girl chorong (ft. shaky cam)

chorvng whispered: Although they've normally gone neck and neck with each other whenever they were together, that didn't surpass the fact that she genuinely cared about the sake of his well being. So when she sees him sprawled out on the floor she couldn't help but to emit a sound of irritation; even if it's unintentional, he still managed to irk her. Chorong kneels down on the floor and maneuvers his body up until he's leaned against the wall, she drapes a blanket over his body and moves his bangs back. "Dork."

There’s a whine that he emits, shifting over the wall until he falls back on the ground because of the unstable press of his back against the flat surface but that didn’t suffice the grogginess that he unfolds himself, he’s a heavy sleeper, you see and so nothing exactly can wake him up. Unless, he’s greeted with water on his face. Chanyeol shifts until he curls himself into a fetal position and parts his lips agape while mumbling incoherent things while he forces himself into his own deep slumber.

Baekyeol approve~